Dr. Florimond Guéniat - College of Engineering, Birmingham City University

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Guéniat Florimond - College Lead Mechanican & Automotive Engineering
: FLOTTE group
: College of Engineering
: Birmingham City University
: Coherent Structures in fluid mechanics -- Model-reduction/control in complex systems -- Optimization and Grid Engineering -- Computer-Human interaction for Scientific Visualization

machine learning and control of attractors

Projects for students

I have a few projects for Beng, Meng or PhD students, concerning:

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Dr. Florimond Guéniat
Contact : contact[at]gueniat.fr // florimond.gueniat[at]bcu.ac.uk
Tel : +44/0 121 331 5405 // +44/0 749 333 3859
Address : College of Engineering, Birmingham City University, Millennium Point, Birmingham B4 7XG, United Kingdom

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