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Although open physical systems potentially have an infinite number of degrees of freedom, flows are quite often organized around characteristic coherent structures, which play a key-role in both the dynamics and spectral signature of the flow. One can think to von Karman streets, present from lab's flows to island's wakes.

This organization invites both to a modal decomposition (which can be used to understand the connection between the different scales captured by the coherent structures and their time behavior, or to infer reduced-order models) or a topological/kernel based description (wich leads to a interpretation of lagrangian properties).

A second topic of interest for me is the transition to sustainable transport. In particular, I am interested in the control of systems in electric vehicles, such as the power system and the battery. It goes hand in hand with the development and control of renewable based minigrids: a way to power up EV is using renewable energy, which means, once again, the development and control of complex power systems.

More generally, the approaches I am investigating lead to tractable solutions for tackling the curse of dimensionallity ; I am actively exploring these paths.

Von Karman Street
Von Karman vortices, Rishiri Island, Japan


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